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UFO Mini Aircraft Toy, Suitable For Children

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The latest UFO flying toy with 4 infrared sensors, this high-tech mini drone is designed to train children's intelligence and sensitivity, and is a fun toy for boys or girls 4-5 years old.

Use the remote control to start/stop control: use a button to land slowly and solve the problem of drone toy flying too high.

New UFO ball, quality child-friendly material, tasteless and non-toxic. This hand-controlled children's drone is more flexible and durable. Classic mesh design protects your child's skin and eyes from damage.

¡ïSide sensing: Sensors are installed around the aircraft to control the steering flight. The flying ball can sense objects down or nearby and can move intelligently. Therefore, the child only needs to put his hand on the bottom of the flying ball to control the flying ball wirelessly.
¡ïAbout shipping:We promise to ship within 72 hours after your purchase, the goods will reach your hands in 10-20 working days.

- 1: Flying
- 2:720¡ã self-contained rotation.
- 3: Round protection ring.
- 4: Hand sensing direction control.
- 5: Cold LED light.
- 6: Lightweight body, easy to carry.
- 7: Shutdown protection.
- 8: Protect the impact.
- 9: USB charging.

¡ïInteresting interactive flying toys: This remote control toy will definitely bring endless fun to children and adults. Children can have a good time, attend parties and events, and even the entire family. Gifts that cannot be missed, such as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, etc.
Upgraded 3 flash LED lights: Make this mini toy even more amazing, especially at night like a real UFO.
Unique dual-off protection technology: This UFO flying ball drone automatically turns off the power to protect the motor from shocks. Charge your child within 1 hour using the included USB cable. When fully charged, the palm dryer and USB cable are automatically turned off to avoid overcharging.

How to play:
Notice: playing it in an space without obstacles in case being blocked on startup or damaging other things by mistake.
1. There's a small black on/off switch on the bottom, press the switch two seconds, the top LED light flickering, then press switch to select green or blue light.
2. Hold the aircraft horizontally and gently throw it out to start flying.
3. Control its flying height with hand induction.
4. Control its landing or flying with hand induction.
5. The aircraft appears to be upward moving after take off, when the aircraft automatically rotates to the height of the human body after one or two seconds, push out to induce the aircraft and make a interaction flight.
6. To raise the height of flying machine, put your hand or other object at the bottom of the aircraft. It induce this action and automatically ascending, you can adjust the rising height to different levels of your needs.
Please fully recharge it before first use and stop playing when being in low battery.
Ensure the aircraft is at shutdown status during charing.
Keep away from faces and eyes. Do not launch at people or animals.
When the four LED lights at the bottom appear slow slow flashing or the aircraft is unable to take off, please recharge the battery.