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Towable floating floating pad, three-layer XPE foam composite roll, BLUE / THICKENED VERSION

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Relax on the water with the water pad. The water pad includes a 10-foot bungee anchor line that attaches securely to the integrated D-ring tethering system. Hook this water pad up to your dock or boat and relax in the water without floating away.

Fun for All

This water pad has no moving parts or sharp edges and is completely safe for children. Unroll th pad in the pool or at the lake and create your own floating island that the whole family can enjoy.

Easy to Store

The water pad is easy to roll up and includes two nylon straps that keep the pad rolled for storage or transport. Have fun at the lake all day and easily roll up, bind and toss this pad in the trunk when it's time to go home.

Is this float safe for children?

This water pad is safe for all ages, although young children should be accompanied by a parent.

Can this be rolled up for storage?

This water pad can be easily rolled up for storage.