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Slap and Fold Polarized Sunglasses

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Ever dropped and scratched your sunglasses?! Reduce the risk of damaging them by wearing these Slap and Fold Polarized Sunglasses instead!! When you're not using them, wear them as a bracelet or simply slap them around anything cylindrical, and they will be safe and sound. Make a fashion statement with them on the beach this summer!


Main Features:

  • Perfect for jogging, cycling, beach volleyball, and other outdoor sports
  • Can be easily secured around your wrist, ankle, bike handlebars, water bottle, any cylindrical object
  • Polarized lenses, clear view, UV protection for eyes
  • No strain on ears or ridge of nose
  • Bendable, foldable, easy to carry
  • Fashionable, unisex, one size fits all
  • Made from ABS Plastic and Resin
  • Available in Black 



Product Size

Frame length 5.7in/14.4cm, Leg length 5.9in/15cm, Height 1.9in/4.8cm

Product Weight

1.4oz / 39g

Package Component

1 x Sunglass