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Portable Smart Phone Shaver Outdoor

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🪒🧔The small size of a portable shaver is perfect for travel use. No driver needed, no pre-charge, plugin, and work for multi-type inputs(Apple's Lightning, Micro USB or Type-C).


Connect it to your smartphone then enjoy the easy shaving!
Travel Razor Mini USB Smartphone Shaving For Android Cell Phone Outdoor Portable Micro-USB
1 Superman rotates three blades
2 Lightweight and portable
3 easy to use
Product Name: Mobile phone electric shaver
Power: 3.6W
Supply voltage: 3.7-5V
Material: Stainless steel
Power mode; rechargeable
Cleaning method: Washing
Shaver charging time: 1 hour
Shaver head: Rotary 1 head
Color: black and blue
Product weight: 42G
Product size: 36*36*48mm
Applicable type: Android phone
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