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Mobility Aid for Elderly Chair Foldable Cane Stick

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Safe Safety lock ensures stability  panel folds into three to reduce pinching or tangling Auto leg lock Stable rubber foot means no slipping Comfortable Ergonomic handle design Curved design and flexible seat materials mean the user can sit comfortably, longer  walking stick closed Convenient Strap for hanging the up Open  with only two fingers Easy to fold up Light & Waterproof Weighs only 920g Made of lightweight materials Waterproof  Specifications Weight 920g Walking stick height 85cm height 51cm Maximum width 9cm Complies with European Standard EN581 Weight capacity 100kg

Walking Stick that turns into  Weights only 920g Easy to unfold – only needs two fingers  is a versatile mobility aid that is a walking stick for support  for resting! Instantly convert the  from stick , giving tired legs and knees rest at a moment’s notice. In walking stick mode, the majority of the  weight is located near the stick’s handle, making balance and motion easy.