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Electric Scalp Head Massager-- 4 Heads with 84 Nodes

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Electric Scalp Head Massager

Two speeds, low speed, high speed

Two kinds of steering, forward and reverse

Use medical silicone massage head to stimulate important points on the head

Level 7 safety splash-proof design

Charger design, built-in lithium battery, automatic shutdown in 10 minutes.

Unique development of four rounds of revolving massage, by constantly grasping  pressing the head, thoroughly improve the head pressure  get rid of fatigue  enhance memory, keep the head healthy. The use of soft and moderate 84 massage contacts to stimulate the important points of the head to promote the head cortex blood circulation, reduce head pressure, long-term use can effectively reduce hair loss, relieve headache dizziness!


1. Relieve fatigue---Busy life adds to more burden of our body. Head massage can help you relieve fatigue and enhance the natural regeneration of the body. It also can relieve headache caused by tension and pressure caused by.
2.  Clear thinking---Relaxing head massage, can make your heart feel very calm, thinking more clearly, the concentration also will increase. It also can relieve eye fatigue and enhance their attention.
3. Restore the spirit---Massage can promote good health. Relax your head with soothing head massage, so that your body comfortable, the spirit of the lifted. It sustained pressure massage, to provide you with a comfortable and effective massage.
4. Soothing relaxation, both physical and mental.---Busy life allows you to double the pressure. Can effectively help you relieve stress, give you a comprehensive health. It Relieves stress and tightness with tight, continuous air pressure massage.


1. Massage the scalp, relieve tension, relax
2. Relieve scalp fatigue, Prevent hair loss, Promote hair growth
3. Suitable for whole body massage


Package included:
1 * Wireless Scalp Massager
1 * Base Cover
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual